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Tools & Models


ARCNESS supported projects

The SodaGUI Matlab toolbox is available to download from:  http://communique.es.mq.edu.au/files/SodaGui.zip
  • Project:  Soil moisture and meteorological observations from the Murrumbidgee catchment. 
Details can be found:  http://www.civenv.unimelb.edu.au/oznet/mdbdata/document.html
The data set can be found at:    http://www.oznet.unimelb.edu.au/ and is being periodically updated.
The data set is now available from:  http://eprints.usq.edu.au/archive/00001911/

Sources of software, tools etc for climate, climate modelling type work

OzClim Software
ALMA (Assistance for Land-surface Modelling activities) - a data exchange convention.
There are lots of tools available via NCAR.
SourceForge net is an official repository of various free software for global community.
Tcl NAP software is used in several institutions for climate model output data processing and visualization.
The Comprehensive R Archive Network has some useful free software
clim.pact: Climate analysis and downscaling package for monthly and daily data. The package contains R functions for retrieving data, making climate analysis and downscaling of monthly mean and daily mean global climate scenarios.
Contributions from Jozef Syktus, Jan Polcher and others